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Be Healthy


Leeds City Council

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Literature Design, Illustration, Artwork, Copywriting, Campaign Development, Brand Development, Media Buying.

To create material to kick-start healthy eating programmes in Leeds’ schools, using a top-down approach by engaging with senior teachers — heads and deputy heads — to work with academic and catering staff in order to get children eating more healthy.

We created a pack that contained information and the tools to implement healthy eating programmes tailored specifically to senior teachers. The design linked to the subject matter by adopting the look and feel of a school text book, with hand-drawn illustrations.

The tools in the pack consisted of literature and class plans for communication to students.

For this, the suitability of design and copy for the specified user groups — children of varying ages — was considered and executed.

The campaign was adopted throughout Leeds and has led to healthy eating programmes being put in place in 90% of Leeds’ schools.

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