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Burgess Pet Care Advertising


Burgess Pet Care

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Advertising (Press, TV), Design.

It’s a dog’s life working with england, in a few short years we have driven up sales for Burgess by a whopping 20% year on year and this continues to grow.

We work very closely with Burgess Pet Care, producers of high quality pet food for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Chinchillas, Guinea pigs , Hamsters, Gerbils and even Rats! And we work across a broad range of advertising platforms including TV campaigns, sponsorship, packaging, print advertising, literature, identity and media buying.

We always approach each new project with a fresh pair of eyes and apply our think then do approach to every element of a campaign, because we know just because something we did worked last time doesn’t mean it work again hence we have created different messages for different audiences from promoting a product to the trade, targeting young adults on TV or making the product jump of the shelf’s in the supermarket, first we think then we do.

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