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Drinkheads Campaign


Wakefield Council

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Creative design, artwork, copywriting, print, campaign development, brand development, media service, project management

To create a hard-hitting anti- binge drinking campaign aimed at people on a night out in the five towns of Wakefield, Pontefract, Castleford, Featherstone and Normanton.

We created the attention grabbing ‘Drinkheads’ campaign that instantly captured the gritty realism of the effects of drinking too much alcohol. We strategically placed communication in local and regional media, including press, posters, radio. We even used thought provoking ‘Drinkheads’ imagery projected on to the Wakefield Town Hall.

The ‘Drinkheads’ campaign won numerous advertising awards but more importantly helped reduce the number of drink-related incidents time that it ran. It was used by central government as an example of best practice and has led to other councils throughout the country requesting the format for their regions. Due to the success of the campaign, the creative has been adopted by the city of Sheffield and we are currently working with them to execute an integrated marketing campaign.

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