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Road Safety Awareness Campaign


Medway Council

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Advertising (TV, Press, Outdoor, Radio), Art Direction, Copywriting, Campaign Development, Media Buying.


Medway Council wanted to reduce death and injury on its roads. england’s solution was the road safety campaign, ‘Engage your Brain’. The aim was to connect with the region’s road users of all ages, rather than preach to them, reminding them of the dangers of not giving the road their full attention.


The approach was specifically designed to get away from the gruesome shock tactics employed in most other road safety messages in favour of something more involving.


The campaign, which included a cinema commercial, posters and mobile phone marketing made a strong impression on both public and press. There has been high profi le press interest including national papers and lively debate on TV, radio and the web. Independent research showed that 46.3% of respondents had seen the campaign and 29.9% of drivers said they would change their behaviour as a result.

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