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Nothing But Snack Packaging


Chaucer Foods

Additional Info

Branding, Packaging Design.

Chaucer Foods wanted us to re-brand and re-design the existing range of dried fruit snacks which originally went under the brand ‘Funky Snacks’.

After researching the product and category which is would suit in, we created the name ‘Nothing But' simply because the produce has nothing but fruit in it. We then created the look and feel and developed a very eye catching product that could stand out well within its category.

The simple design showing the fruit, set against a very strong colour palette allowed us to keep the product looking fun, attracting both the children and adult market.

The packaging was produced and its description translated into 8 languages on the reverse of the pack. This product is now stocked in Scandinavia, across Lidi, Aldi and Netto stores.

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