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Strategy, Art Direction, Website Design, Javascript, Flash, CSS3, Fontface and Responsive Features.

Launch the website

Pulling Forward

Our goal was to effectively create an evolution of their existing identity. We wanted to inject a fresh, clean and contemporary look that brought Shackletons into the 21st century.

The website visually maintained the style of previously-done print work, and took it into the digital realm using a vast range of different modern web technologies, such as javascript, Flash and CSS3. Using such utilities, we brought the website not only to a modern-looking platform, but also into a living, breathing environment with a website which never quite sits still.

Large-scale Product Area

The site content itself is more reminiscent of e-commerce, with Shackletons' huge range of different products which don't just simply cover traditional chairs. This area was given particular attention, with a responsive system put in place so that the amount of clicks for a user to navigate through to different products is considerably dropped.

Emphasis on Quality

The key considerations throughout all design and development of the website were space, and pace – Shackletons chairs are manufactured at a very high-quality, and this impression was absolutely essential to communicate amongst the elements which give it the life it has. Space is used visually throughout, and pace differentiation maintains the attention of a customer whilst not being too distracting, and these were key to the success of the site.

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