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Social Media

Over the past few years there has been a huge rise in the use of social media and mobile applications as part of a company’s communications and marketing strategy.

Facebook and Twitter have played a tremendous part in this change. The former, with 500+ million users, is inspiring businesses to allocate spending budgets for social media to ensure they take advantage of this modern day form of advertising and reaching out to customers with custom Facebook Landing pages, and applications for brands, products and events. Here at england we have been developing on these platforms since 2008 creating ROI savvy ways to engage with consumers across all social networking platfroms.

Another growth area lies with mobile applications, they have already become a part of everyday life; the Apple iPhone has over 4.5m users in the UK and offers over 200m apps. Other mobile platforms such as BlackBerry and Android are also gaining a greater market share.

At england, we’re leading the way with award-winning mobile marketing; working, for example, with police forces to reassure the public and help reduce crime rates, football clubs to inform crowds during match days, theme parks to ensure waiting in line for a ride is never dull, and with cities, tourist destinations and airports to provide on-the-spot information for visitors and travellers.

Microsites and bespoke games are another growing trend; viral activity makes it easier to reach a large audience at low cost. And, when raising brand awareness is combined with data collection to help shape future campaigns, ROI is easily achieved.

Our social media activity is all about finding you the perfect mix; blending the right use of technology with the right social media to create large-scale brand awareness and ROI.

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