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World Cup Predictor


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Exceeding the client's target of 25,000 unique visitors we achieved 67,000+ globally


Founded in 1998, Sportingbet was one of the first, and remains one of the largest, online gaming companies in the world today. Its website spans over 30 different markets, across Europe, Australia, Canada, South America and South Africa.

Sportingbet wanted to engage with customers to celebrate and promote the run up to the World Cup. Having developed a Predictor with england during Euro2008, Sportingbet wanted to offer football fans the chance to win £1m through a World Cup Predictor.


The Sportingbet £1m World Cup Predictor has been developed in 23 languages in order to ensure that the competition has global appeal with entrants being asked to correctly predict the outcome of at least 45 of the 48 group stages matches plus the outright winner of the competition, being held in South Africa this summer.


The competition has been rolled out across 25 countries with the World Cup Predictor feeding in the latest match betting odds to guide players on making their predictions, and for those players keen to back their match predictions, links to the Sportingbet World Cup markets are available.

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